About Us

The neurosurgical society of Alabama is a non profit corporation that was formed on June 17, 1974 by initial directors Dr. Henry Mostellar, Dr. Walter Whitehurst, Dr. Bluitt Landers and Dr. Garber Galbraith.

Purpose: The purpose for which the corporation is organized is to advance the interest in neurological surgery and allied subjects and to act as a representative for its member at the discretion of the membership and for these purposes:

  • Foster a feeling of fraternal spirit among those members of the medical profession and closely integrated scientific professions of the State of Alabama whose interests are chiefly concerned with neurological surgery or any of the allied fields which the membership decides.
  • Stimulate interest within the state or surrounding area and within the medical professions at large in neurological surgery
  • Advance knowledge in the above respective fields through the medium of either clinical or preclinical endeavors
  • Facilitate the dissemination of knowledge among members of the Society concerning recent advances in any of the allied fields by appropriate means.
  • To take and receive contributions for the purpose of setting up one or more tax free foundations.